Shooting: Day One

"Walters, puppyish, is appealing as a manchild"


Shooting: Day One
Location: sidewalk outside
Temperature: 32 and windy!

Kyle: so we got up really really early. What I learned was that I need to wear more layers when I go running in the arctic tundra (Wisconsin).

Last night we were rehearsing a car scene. I had the idea of using the coffee table as our seats. Well, we started “acting” and well…we crushed the coffee table. I am talking flat. We propped the table on it’s two good legs against the wall and we hope the director never finds out.

Anyhoo, we get to the shoot this morning heat warmers in our shoes and in our hands. Saying lines. Having a blast. The crew is great. The scene has a “thug” following us in a car. He is a great guy… And apparently an awesome actor cuz he was creeping me out!

Now I pass it to brian:
And just to clarify – we might have been sitting on the table, but it was Kyle’s side that broke…

This first day has been great so far, and we’ll prolly see dailies tonight.

Hop! We just got a flurry of snow.

Day One Costumes with unfortunate goofy look on my face
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