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Quirky Man-Child Clip: Kyle Walters as Peter Pan in "The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy"
Presenting at the IAWTV Awards
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Winning "Best Scripted Web Series" at The Geekie Awards
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"Walters, puppyish, is appealing as a manchild"


Recent Bookings

TV – Netflix’s “YOU” season three – as Wes
TV – Spectrum Original “Manhunt: Deadly Games” by Lionsgate – as Officer Robert Sanderson.
TV – Paramount Network’s “Coyote” starring Michael Chiklis – as Border Patrol Agent.
FILM – James in Independent Film “Angel.”
WEB – Multiple web series and short films.


Gina Stoj – / 310.564.2894

RCM Talent – Laureen Muller – / 404.435.5998

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

The fan-favorite, award-winning digital series The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy has just wrapped its third (and final!) season.  I executive produced, co-created, and starred in the project (as the immortal man-child Peter Pan).  Currently, the show has OVER 2 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube and enjoyed an exclusive early-release of season three on the FULLSCREEN app! 

You can watch the entire adventure right here:

Pemberley Digital’s Welcome to Sanditon

I played the geeky love interest, Edward Denham, in the transmedia webseries Welcome to Sanditon from Pemberley Digital (a spin-off of the Emmy winning The Lizzie Bennett Diaries.  Click below to view clips and get more information:


Welcome to the adventures of Kyle Walters (that’s me!) I love telling stories and furthering the joy of escapism.  So sit back, take off your shoes, and make yourself at home.  In addition to acting and filmmaking, I am a web designer and visual artist, which you can check out here.  I love hearing from people, so look me up on facebook, twitter, or instagram.  Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.  I hope your day today is the best day yet.

Watch My Acting Reel

Manhunt: Deadly Games

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Welcome to Sanditon