The Penny: LGA airport, getting there

"Walters, puppyish, is appealing as a manchild"


Location: LGA airport
Time: 530 in the morning
Temperment: cranky

So I am travelling to Wisconsin, on my way to shoot The Penny. I am way beyond excited for filming. So excited that I couldn’t sleep all night. And when does my insomnia kick in? Right when the lady at the check-in charges me forty dollars because my bag is an inch too big. I lean over and squish the bag down. No avail.

Then it turns out Brian ( costar extraordinaire ) and I have been put on the watchlist. Meaning, for the safety of our nation, I have to be humiliated and molested.

So now, proud to be an American, I am going to try to upload this free speech. The next three weeks are totally going to rock.

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