Shooting: Day Three or the shoot from the black lagoon

"Walters, puppyish, is appealing as a manchild"


So it is 5 in the morning right now. Driving home from a twelve hour shoot that can only be described as the bitter winter. My kyphone said it was 30 degrees which isn’t bad… But you add in the wind and that fact that the location was ten feet away from a lake. The lake’s name is Fond du Lac which is freeze for “really freaking cold”.

Today Brian and I mastered the art of sleeping in a car between shot setups. Some of the crew were amazed at our ability to roll out of dream state and speak so eloquently (lots of dudes and mans) into the camera.

The picture below is one of me between takes, hiding behind a tree, wearing what appears to be a fruity pink blanket. Brian says of brought out the pineapple sparkle in my eye.

That’s it for today. We have to wake up in six hours to do it all again.

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