Week Two: Catch-Up

"Walters, puppyish, is appealing as a manchild"


Kyle talking:
Sorry it has been a few days since an actual post. We have been on a surreal shooting schedule all week. Basically shooting from 11pm til 5 or 6 in the morning. When your morning jog happens during sunset, you sort of wonder what the heck is going on.
A couple things that happened this week:

We are keeping hush-hush about stuff we have been filming… so I now talk to you about Brian working out.

the other day, brian and I were doing our shoulder exercises… And , well, quite frankly I have no problem telling the world this: Brian does shoulder presses like Michael Flatley on hot coals. He is the lord of the dance when it comes to working out. In this particular moment as he was raising our water-filled milk jugs over his head, his legs were dancing around like MC hammer at a Christmas party. To brian credit, he was able to do more reps with this technique. And to my credit, I got a good abs workout from laughing at him.