The Penny: One more day of filming (for Brian and me)

"Walters, puppyish, is appealing as a manchild"


The Penny: One more day of filming (for Brian and me) Sitting on set, inside. All week has been interior scenes which has been a woderful contrast to the bitter cold of weeks past. Apparently in film there is no comfortable temperature… You are either having your toes fall off from frostbite OR suffering from heat exhaustion.

Since I am trying to avoid spoilers, I will summarize some of the things I have learned this week… Followed by the dramatic new chapter in Kyle and brian’s “eating healthy and working out plan”.

-acting in scenes where you have to eat never ends well. Often you come out of it with 200% your daily sodium and a string distaste for whatever your character ate in the scene.

-try to memorize your lines before you start filming the scene.

-no matter what, you should take a nap before your 11pm call.

-I love acting, and I am itching for my next project.

-scenes with two pages of dialogue can be filmed in like half an hour… “simple” scenes with a hand knocking on a door can take hours.

-if you have a scene where your character is just waking up for the day, it is totally a good chance to grab some Z’s

AND NOW for the next installment of Kyle and Brian’s “workout and eat healthy regime”!
It was the beginning of the end. An end to a beginning. The time was 7am. As others were getting up for their work day… Brian and I were still on set. Think: zombies in front of cameras… Not filming a zombie movie.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Brian sneak around to the back. Back where the snack table is setup. Now let me give you a better description of the golden cornucopia that is the snack table: fruits and candies and coffees and granola bars and homemade desserts that challenge those of Miss Crocker herself.

I decide to follow Brian (secretly) to see what he could be up to. Is he making himself a tea? Maybe half an apple? That’s when I witnessed it. Brian had a sloppy joe in one hand and two fudge cookie brownies in the other.

We had been able to remain strong for so long. But unfortunately when I saw brian eat those tasty tasty treats… I ate some of them too. And since then we have been eating treats for meals and skipping workouts.

My only hope is that we both take away from this something along the lines of trusting ourselves to eat healthy and not to watch your friends eat tasty tasty treats.

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