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Now with Improv Team – Strange Bedfellows

Posted on March 13, 2013 in news

One improv team wasn’t enough for this guy (points fingers at myself).

I’ve formed a second team with my UCB buddies. ┬áStrange Bedfellows.

Strange Bedfellows is a Los Angeles Improv Team consisting of: Zach Zucker, Jason Stafford, Chelsea Smith Shaddix, Erik Solis, Stephanie Silver, Joe Feeney, and Kyle Walters.

It’s like waking up next to someone funny.

Coached by Dave Theune & Adam McCabe

You can check out or facebook page here.


Kyle Walters is an Actor + Artist, reader of comic books, generally nice and goofy dude. Peter Pan in @NewPeterWendy. Edward Denham in @SanditonSeries.