Days Gone By

Posted on February 13, 2016 in

This is one of my pet projects, the film from which I will look back and remember my Brooklyn days (as if they had gone by… buhdumching!) Aside from being my first main lead role in a feature-length, it is

Colin Hearts Kay

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Playing Barry, the bodaciously bearded bacchanalian bro, was a wonderful experience for me.  How long did it take for me to get into character?  Let’s just say that it took me nine weeks to grow that gnarly looking chin hair.  It

The Penny

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The Penny is now available on DVD.  It’s worth every penny.  Hey-o! Filming The Penny was a glorious experience.  The Filmweavers flew my friend Brian Morvant and I out to Wisconsin for a month to film.  It was a blast